Seminar- und Gästehaus Horizont

SES - Sexual Energies School

Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse

The first time I read about SES was by chance and I had a lot of reasons not to go: I had no idea about the Crimson Circle or about Tobias, I found it all very strange and I had no time... but my heart wanted to go. It wanted so much to go that I arranged everything in 4 days: Friday off work, money, enrolling, trip...

The course was amazing and at the end I felt so joyful and in love with myself that I decided to become a SES teacher. I had to bring this wonderful information, this opportunity to others. Everyone should have the opportunity to attend.

Before I was sick very frequently, every two weeks I had a cold or no energy at all, or was depressive and sad. After the course I was always happy, with a big smile on my face, full of energy and projects for the future. I felt clear, empowered and creative. I was no longer a victim, life didn't happen to me anymore. I was now the Creator of my own life and I was decided to enjoy it :)

I was shining and radiating. My friends and family noticed the changes and started asking questions :))) and I answered: yes, it is me. I now own my life and intend to live it fully! Yes, it disturbed some of them but new people that didn't got upset with my new discovered self started coming into my life.

Maybe you think you have no time, or not enough money, or that there is nothing new that you can learn... but whatever it is that you think remember to listen to your heart!

In my opinion some of the benefits of attending SES are:

  • improves your relationships
  • more energy and clarity
  • improves your ability to feel and connect
  • you learn how to end manipulation and abuse in your life
  • boosts your self-esteem and your general feeling of safety
  • enhances your creativity and joy
  • you can become more empowered and aware

More Info and testimonials

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