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4 Hearts Academy

4 Hearts stands for the 4 parts of you: physical, mental,
spiritual and Gnost (a subtle level of divine intelligence).
When you bring these parts together
you Become All That You Are.

Weekend 4 you

A weekend a month to re-energize,
go inside and take time 4 yourself.
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The aim of the 4 Hearts Academy is to facilitate your
empowerment and awareness, that
will bring you the
freedom to BE who you are.
This facilitation happens
through: appointments,
seminars/events, activities and holidays!

Well-BEing Packages

Pamper and delight your self
with these amazing packages.
Offer yourself the best!
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Some of the appointments and events use the
"4-hearts Method" that was developed by me.
Inspired in my life experience and what "worked"
for me.
It uses several activities
to help you center
and integrate All That You Are. This
Method is in
constant evolution and is intuitively built
to the energy of the moment and the person/group
It can include activities like
conscious breathing,
intuitive body movement,
free dancing, laughing,
playing musical instruments, toning, role playing...

Time 4 You

Relax your body,
free your mind and express yourself
! kkkkjkjkjkjkjkj

Sexual Energies School





Body Relaxation

Let yourself relax and energize with organic essences and organic oils together with an unique mixture of energetic and soft touch techniques being applied to your body.

Benefits include: relaxation, better mood, pain relief, body detox, facilitates the energy flow, better sleep

I have got positive feedback from all my clients, mostly refer how deeply relaxed they feel.

First appointment
37 € - 60 min
47 € - 90 min

(47/57 € next appointments)

Feet SPA


Start by grounding yourself with a salt foot-bath and organic essences chosen for you. After awakening your senses, you can relax and enjoy an unique mixture of energetic and soft touch techniques being applied to your feet.

Some of the benefits: relaxation, better sleep, pain relief, body detox, facilitates the energy flow.

First Appointment

37 € - 60 min

(47 € next appointments)

4 Hearts Method

Breathing is essential to life and doing it consciously will deepen the connection with yourself. This guided conscious breathing can be accompanied with sound therapy, aroma therapy (with organic essential oils), soft touch and energy flowing techniques.

Its side effects are: clarity, energy, rejuvenation, good mood, relaxation, creativity, learning becomes easier and relationships more balanced.
It is a gift of love to yourself!

First appointment
27 € - 50 min
(37 € next appointments)

4 Hearts Method
(for groups)

Free dancing, conscious breathing, sound therapy techniques, music, toning, role playing, laughing, guided tours on nature and diverse expression activities can be included in a unique mix, intuitively tailored for the group.

Some of the benefits: improves the group connection, relaxation, better mood, body detox, facilitates the energy flow in the group and for each of the participants.

On request