Seminar- und Gästehaus Horizont

Well-BEing Packages

The Well-BEing Packages were designed to support you to:

Make changes in your life, e.g. start living from your heart, improve your relationships, bring back your passion for life...

Find solutions for problems or issues you are facing, e.g. leave behind burn out and depression, improve your self confidence... 

Re-awaken your body's natural healing and rejuvenating capabilities


♥ Take time for yourself, relax and just BE!

Offer Yourself the Best!


Relax and re-center

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The program will be specially design for you and it can include:

Music and sound sessions

Appointments (conscious breathing, massage with organic oils, feet reflexology with organic oils, energetic therapies and/or a mixture of techniques - read more at appointments)

Free time for you to enjoy the surroundings or just BE

Awakening the senses with tea, cacao, chocolate,
   coffee and/or wine

Aromatherapy sessions

4 Hearts Methodsessions (individual or with group)

Self expression activities, e.g. painting with paper and
   colored pencils, writing.

Special movies to uplift you and support your awareness

Access to library with spiritual books and magazines

Sessions with authorized Crimson Circle material
Permaculture sessions: planting, building structures,
    practicing permaculture techniques,...


What is included:

Lodging in apartment with kitchenette

DVD/CD player

Personal appointments and sessions (min. 1 every 2 days)

Suggestions for walks, hikes and free time activities

A small gift for you to take home

Wine, coffee, cacao, organic tea, chocolate (amount depending on the length of package chosen. Bottle of wine is available for a stay of 3+ nights or 3+ appointments)

Material for the self expression activities (e.g. paper and colored pencils)

Organic essential oils for the aromatherapy sessions
More information on the venue: Gästehaus Horizont

Beautiful green and quiet surroundings

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Feel good with yourself!


Examples for prices* (incl. cleaning fee):

 1 person, 1 x 90 min appointment, 2 nights in
    1-room apartment: 169 €
(244 €: 2 persons, 2 appoint.)
1 person, 2 x 90 min appointments, 4 nights in
    1-room apartment: 289

1 person, 3 x 90 min appointments, 7 nights in
    1-room  apartment: 459 €

2nd person + 20 € for whole stay (not participating in the

Additional appointments for any person: 33 € for
    60 min and 44 € for
90 min.

For a bigger apartment, different number of nights
   just write us an email or call us (see contacts).

     * plus local taxes 1,2 € p.p./day

Package examples:

 1st day: arrival from 16h on; 30 to 45 min session: breathing techniques, to ground you. Short talk about what creates a safe space for you, your goals, suggestions for the activities during your stay, booking of the appointments and, if necessary, choice of music, oils and others; breathing techniques/meditation/music as night activity*.
day with 1 appointment: morning exercise*; breakfast; breathing techniques*; walk or hike; lunch; free time; appointment; listening to music*; dinner; aromatherapy session* or movie.
day without appointment: morning exercise*; breakfast; relax with water sounds*; walk or hike; lunch; painting (with colored pencils and paper)*; delight the senses with a cup of tea/coffee/cacao; dinner; listening to music*.
Last day: 15 to 30 min session: talk about how do you feel at the moment and what did you feel during your stay.

* these activities are for you to do alone - you will get instructions on how to conduct it. As an alternative you can choose to have personal sessions, in that case the price will be calculate specially for you.

Just BE!

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